Photay with Carlos Niño
An Offering
International Anthem
Obi strip, gatefold sleeve
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Originally self-released on cassette in 2021, »An Offering« now sees a wider release via International Anthem.

Water is the spiritual center of their first album-length collaboration, the vast and deep »An Offering« — from the visual on the cover, to the first sound you hear on the opening »Prelude,« to the underlying themes and images espoused by the poet-philosopher Iasos on the closing »Existence.« More importantly, the image of water-like flow is a continuous reflection of how these two musicians have come to work together and apart, of the way they made »An Offering«, and how they’re continuing to create, without a beginning and (hopefully) with no end in sight. An infinite flow of sound, from and to every direction.

Some of this work directly reflects the relationship between the two men, and of where/how Photay’s electronic, often-dancefloor-oriented tracks found Niño’s far-reaching world of ambient spirituality and improvised soundscaping. The meeting point is precise: Laraaji, the new age zither legend with whom Niño regularly collaborates, including at a June 2016 show in New York City which Niño played and Shornstein attended. The connection initiated immediately after that performance did not simply find the pair participating in each other’s recording projects — Photay remixing a Niño-produced Laraaji track and involved in Niño & Friends sessions; Carlos showing up on multiple songs of Photay’s 2020 album, »Waking Hours«, some of which was recorded at Niño’s studio—but in a broad exchange of ideas.