Susan Alcorn / Joe McPhee / Ken Vandermark
Invitation To Dream
Monofonus Press
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1Invitation To A Dream
2Every Season Has Its Reason
3I Am Because You Are
4Bing Says Ming
5The Eyes Of Memory
6Rise & Rise

First release from the first time trio of legends SUSAN ALCORN, JOE McPHEE & KEN VANDERMARK. Invitation To A Dream is not only the first recorded statement, it is also a document of the very first meeting of the trio. Back in 2016 we asked Alcorn & McPhee to play a duo set at our favorite festival Cropped Out in Louisville, KY, and after getting our minds blown we knew we had to get the duo into a studio to record an album. After a few failed attempts due to schedules and bad timing, the stars finally aligned a year later to bring them to the Sonic Transmissions Festival in Austin, TX. In the time between Cropped Out and Sonic Transmissions I had this idea in the back of my head that Ken Vandermark's clarinet playing would really sit nicely between McPhee's tenor and Alcorn's pedal steel—and once again the stars (and schedules) aligned to create the trio you hear on this record. This is an absolutely beautiful record that I think will even surprise folks who are familiar with the three musicians—all we can hope is that this isn't the last we'll hear from the trio.