Nils Frahm
Victoria OST
Erased Tapes
ERATP071LP / Includes Download Code
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1DJ Koze - Burn With Me (Victoria edit)
2Nils Frahm - Our Own Roof
3Nils Frahm - A Stolen Car
4Nils Frahm - In The Parking Garage
5Nils Frahm - Them
6Nils Frahm - The Bank
7Nils Frahm - The Shooting
8Nils Frahm - Nobody Knows Who You Are
9Nils Frahm - Pendulum

Nils Frahm writes his first score for one-take feature film Victoria released on London-based contemporary classical label Erased Tapes. Filmed in Berlin, Victoria is centred around a runaway party girl who joins a group of friendly men on a night out, but the night takes a dramatic turn as their night turns from a party, into a bank robbery - and the music reflects this change as it changes from techno to sombre piano sounds.