Impressive Almanac
Born Yesterday Records
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Ltd. pressing black vinyl
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1Holy See 1:14
2Hallucination 1:05
3Shimmering Neck 4:27
4Shimmering Neck_RX 4:27
5Illusion of Success 0:57
6Limited Vision 0:52
7Identical 2:46
8Ancestral Home 3:56
9Negative Creek 1:31
10Places to Put Cars 1:03
11Heater 4:29
12Embankment 1:03
13Feel Strongly 2:29
14Gold Coins 1:09
15Recalibrate 1:39
16Slow Plow 2:24

Originally released on cassette by Good Person Recordings in 2016, Impressive Almanac is the culmination of Dan Shaw's bedroom experiments making minimalist post-punk. The entire album was tracked by himself at home shortly after moving from Seattle to his hometown of Holyoke, Massachusetts. Dan did not yet have any backing band at the time. The album shines with his raw and unfettered creativity, repetitive DI'ed guitars, and disaffected yet deeply personal lyrics about the banality of modern life.

Shaw says of the record: "Sharing this tape with friends in the Western Mass DIY scene soon led to the formation of Landowner as a full band. Even though we're a real band now with a real drummer and everything, the drum machines and repetitive riffs of these songs still serve as an important reference point for the vibe we strive to attain in our music today."

The album was quite formative for Born Yesterday Records. Co-owner and now Deeper bass player Kevin Fairbairn met Dan at a show in Western Massachusetts. Dan gave him a cassette of Impressive Almanac. When Kevin returned from tour, he was eager to show it to me and I quickly became obsessed with it. A year or so later when we were discussing starting a record label, we both knew that Landowner had to be one of the bands we talked to first. This release will roughly mark the three year anniversary of Born Yesterday's first release, Landowner's Blatant.