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1Towards 4:47
2City Speaks Tonight 6:05
3Interstellar 4:26
4Orion 6:27
5Night Clouds 6:15
6Betelgeuze 2:34

A healthy age to topple old icons and leave prejudice behind. Not only have Limp, four youngsters from Odense/Denmark and (besides Lali Puna) second band project on Morr Music, been making music together for 10 years but their current release orion manages to stake out delicate tranquillity while leaving ample space for electronic influences. With a twist.

When Limp, inspired by intelligent electronica and Chicago rock, are also self-confessed admirers and recyclers of "rock and pop elements from the 80s and 90s" - a universal red flag for any conscious human being - and innocently cite stadium largesse and touching pop moments of mainstream-compatible alternative phenomena such as The Cure, Depeche Mode or even U2, this is done in such a way as to quell any critical protest in its infancy.

Irreverently objective when it comes to the dubious reference works of an elder sibling generation (for whom these are still inextricably tied to maudlin red wine beach dramas, traumatic teenage passion, first gig disasters or flagrant fashion faux pas) and without a second glance at source or zeitgeist coolness `orion´ displays the fresh and differentiated influence of four musicians with their own electronica projects (Manual, Aerosol, Syntaks) in this perfectly balanced interplay of classical instruments and digital aids.

Ostensibly relaxed and dreamy, simultaneously as epic and stratified as Mogwai or selected snippets from Slowdive to Boards of Canada, orion is not afraid to exploit incredible melodies for minutes on end. Contrasts blend and forget about their origin to lend the six tracks a continual narrative structure that sneakily conjures up vivid images.

Deceptively laid back and playful Limp betray a meticulous dedication to honed perfection behind their youthful punk rock spirit, no matter if in basement practice, their own radio show or as tour support for Sea and Cake, Trans Am and Do Make Say Think, amongst others.