Susumu Yokota
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1Spectrum of Love
2Implications of Karma
3The Reality of Reincarnation
4Ama and the Mountain
5The Future Of Ecstasy
6The Seven Secret Sayings of God
7Flowing with the Tao
8Incantation of the Stars
9The Art of Contemplation
10Direct Transmission

An album of unreleased music by Susumu Yokota.

This year marks the 5th anniversary of Susumu Yokota’s departure from this world and yet he is very much still here. His music always had a timeless quality and this new release is a perfect example.

It was conceived following the discovery of a DAT tape by Mark Beazley containing unreleased tracks and early sketch versions of tracks that formed ‘The Boy and the Tree’. Mark had worked with Yokota on the Rothko/Yokota collaboration EP ‘Rivers Edge’ but had no recollection of why or when he was sent the tape.

Mark sent the tracks to Jon Tye who ‘decided to do my best to honour the spirit and legacy of Yokota’s work by completing the tracks in a way which I thought he would approve’.