Chad VanGaalen / Xiu Xiu
The Green Corridor Series #02
Altin Village & Mine
Includes Instant Download
AVM 045 LP
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1Chad VanGaalen – Your Own Minds End 3:36
2Chad VanGaalen – Evening Sun 2:23
3Chad VanGaalen – I Want You Back 2:02
4Chad VanGaalen – Ripped Islands 3:06
5Chad VanGaalen – Cross Trainer 3:18
6Chad VanGaalen – Nothing Is Impossible 1:43
7Chad VanGaalen – Weighed Sin 2:30
8Chad VanGaalen – Kiss, Kiss, Kiss 2:40
9Chad VanGaalen – Portal Stretching 1:48
10Xiu Xiu – Fortune Teller 20:55

Two long years after the release of the first out of four „Green Corridor“ Vinyl 12“s on Altin Village & Mine Records, the second part brings together two undoubted musical geniuses. Right on time for the european tours of Jamie Stewart aka Xiu Xiu and Chad VanGaalen, this little treasure will be displayed on the merch tables. In the end all four parts of this vinyl series will add up to one piece of art, musically and graphically. Chad provides 9 (!) exclusive tracks, recorded at his own studio in Calgary, which perfectly present the uniqueness and complexity of his music. The unpretentious giant‘s songwriting skills leave behind the genres, and is it that „I Want You Back“ is his best song after all? Xiu Xiu‘s tireless output now culminate in a collage, in which he explores the medium‘s boundaries, by integrating the listener into his art. The listener‘s supposed to read a question, to then put the needle onto the vinyl which provides the respective answer. One question is „Is it okay to scratch up this record?“, and we can assure you: It‘s not!