Lagoss & Banha da Cobra
Aquapelagos Vol.1: Atlantico
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1Lagoss – Baía do Papagaio 5:37
2Lagoss – Alegranza Jingle 1:23
3Lagoss – Barranco del Infierno 6:43
4Lagoss – Mar de las Calmas 6:40
5Banha da Cobra – Mojo Rojo 3:13
6Banha da Cobra – El Niño 5:40
7Banha da Cobra – Dragos 5:50
8Banha da Cobra – La Laguna 4:20
9Banha da Cobra – Un Pulpo 1:55

Introducing the first volume on the “Aquapelagos" series - a collection of split LPs where selected artists offer their own take into water surrounded cultures and communities. After the initial release of the Anthology compilation Aquapelago in 2022 (Discrepant ,CREP91) this first volume opens up the series with a sound journey inspired by the majestic and sometime furious Atlantic Ocean. The music was recorded throughout special artists residencies held during the Keroxen Festival in 2020 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife where throughout a week each band recorded their own free vision of an aquapelagic Atlantic culture. Philip Hayward, the Australian researcher who coined the term Aquapelago also joins the proceedings with extensive sleeve notes.

Side 1 is provided by LAGOSS – a band comprised of Tenerife based veteran producers, Gonçalo F. Cardoso, Mladen Kurajica and Daniel García while Side 2 is provided by Banha da Cobra, comprising Lisbon-based musicians Mestre André and Carlos Godinho. Both ensembles have addressed aquatic themes in their prior work, LAGOSS having represented phantom islands on a series of vivid cameo tracks released as Imaginary Island Music Volume 1 (Discrepant, 2020) and Banha da Cobra having staged a performance within the Mãe D'Água reservoir in Lisbon in 2018, drawing on recordings of place and objects within it to conjure the liquid history of the city.