Sleepdrunk Seasons
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1Hjaltalín – Sleepdrunk Seasons II (Album version)0:54
2Hjaltalín – Traffic Music (Album version)4:50
3Hjaltalín – The Boy Next Door (Album version)5:25
4Hjaltalín – Goodbye July / Margt Að Ugga (Album version)5:11
5Hjaltalín – Kveldúlfur (Album version)2:17
6Hjaltalín – Debussy (Album version)4:25
7Hjaltalín – Selur (Album version)2:41
8Hjaltalín – Sleepdrunk Seasons (Album version)3:29
9Hjaltalín – The Trees Don't Like The Smoke (Album version)4:14
10Hjaltalín – I Lie (Album version)3:32
11Hjaltalín – Trailer Music (Album version)6:38

From the outskirts of Iceland comes a band levelled only in promise with the number of the band-members. A nine-piece band, one isn’t quite sure whether to call Hjaltalín a small orchestra, a mutated and overgrown rock band or something else. Anyways, this odd group of instrument players form an allegiance which already has a solid fan group in critics and listeners in Iceland. An eclectic and wonderfully strange composition of instruments creates the exciting sound of Hjaltalín. While many bands have combined electric instruments with a string section, only a handful have allowed themselves the full-scale 9 piece set-up Hjaltalín has to offer. Besides the regular guitar, bass and drums, the band also consists of a piano, accordion, bassoon, clarinet, cello and a violin. On top lilt the voices of Högni and Sigga. Together the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. One might think that rare instruments such as bassoon and clarinet have been added to the songs in order to pursue an interest in adding exotic instruments to songs - or adding a few notes to make cute decorations. Well, nothing could be further from the truth in this case. The brass and string instruments synch to create a wall of sound perfect for the baroqueesque pop songs of Hjaltalín and driven by a thundering bass and outstanding drum playing.