Suzanne Ciani
Improvisation On Four Sequences At Festival Antigel
180g vinyl, incl. insert ft. liner notes from Andy Votel
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1Part 1: Out Of The Ocean
2Part 2: Heartbeats
3Part 3: A Higher Place
4Part 4: Transitioning
5Part 5: Jungle
6Part 6: Chase
7Part 7: White Percussion
8Part 8: Back To The Ocean

This is the first release in 25 years on Suzanne Ciani's own Atmospheric label, which focuses on her live electronic music.

Improvisation on Four Sequences was performed live in quadraphonic sound on the Buchla 200e and the Animoog at Festival Antigel in Geneva, Switzerland on January 25th, 2020. This record is specially encoded to be played back in quadraphonic sound and is also stereo compatible.

"I didn’t know at the time that concert touring would disappear and that a pandemic would suddenly end my live Buchla performance era that had had a resurgence in 2016. For those years, I flew around the world, toting my Buchla 200e in checked baggage and prayed that it would survive the trip: Melbourne, Tokyo, London, Santiago, New York and on and on until this year when the world changed.

So now, I have the time to release some of these quadraphonic performances. It’s not entirely feasible to release a quad performance on vinyl --- I did it, with help ---the first quad vinyl release in at least 30 years, complete with enclosed hardware decoder. As a collector’s item, that’s fine, but I want to make the quad files available in a more practical way.

This Geneva recording is my first release solely on my Atmospheric label. The piece is titled “Improvisation on Four Sequences” and those four sixteen-stage sequences have been the “raw material” of most of my Buchla concerts since the early 70’s. We’re making this performance available in several formats, including quadraphonic, 5.1, stereo and ambisonic.; all at 44.1 and 88.2.

I hope you enjoy this immersive sound."

Suzanne Ciani