Pauline Anna Strom
Echoes, Spaces, Lines
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4CD Box Set
Incl. 12-page booklet
4LP Box Set
Incl. 12-page booklet
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1Emerald Pool 3:21
2The Unveiling 5:31
3Cult of Isis 7:42
4Phantom Dancer 4:17
5Energies 5:57
6Century C 4:37
7Morning Splendor 6:06
8Gossamer Silk 5:44
9Mushroom Trip 8:14
10Plot Zero 9:34
11Symphonic Industry 6:40
12Organised Confusion 6:09
13Plot Zero 4:42
14Tenement Stairwell 5:23
15Spatial Spectre 7:02
16Blood Thirst 7:27
17Virgin Ice 4:43
18Blood Celebrants 7:31
19Freedom at the 45th Floor 4:39
20Alpine Flight 7:31
21Domestic Peace (Digital bonus)3:29
22Quiet Joy (Digital bonus)3:02

»Echoes, Spaces, Lines« collects »Trans-Millenia Consort«, »Plot Zero«, and »Spectre«, the first three albums by the late West Coast composer, healer, and medium Pauline Anna Strom. »Oceans of Tears« is a fully realized but previously unreleased album exclusive to this box set.

Exploring all corners of the multiverse through transpersonal form and freedom, Strom’s first three albums share a singular sensibility, different streams flowing from the same oracular font. Restored and mixed from the original reels by Marta Salogni, newly remastered, these are the first official reissues and the definitive encapsulation of Pauline Anna Strom’s prolific and visionary early work.

Please note, that »Oceans of Tears« is not part of the bundled download. Only two tracks from the album are included in the digital version.