What Is A DJ If He Can’t Care
Live From Earth Klub
LFEK004 300 copies. Disco sleeve in PVC sleeve.
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1LSD XTC (Do We Really Need)3:52
2Fiesta! 3:00
3LSD XTC (DJ Gigola & Kev Koko Paranoia Mix)5:12

What Is A DJ If He Can’t Care’ is KRAMPF’s first release for Live From Earth after a long-term friendship and collaboration and marks the 4th installment of the label’s imprint ‘Live From Earth Klub’. Influenced by Rotterdam’s Gabber and Hardcore scene, the French DJ and producer has reworked these styles in two tracks presenting a unique and modernized interpretation of Early Hardcore heritage at 160 bpm. In addition to that, Live From Earth’s DJ Gigola and her production partner Kev Koko make their collaboration debut on this EP presenting a high-energy electro remix on the B-Side.