Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle
2019 repress with revised booklet
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1Hallo Wie Gehts 3:37
2Otto Hahn In Stahlgewittern 2:52
3Ab Nach Indien 3:12
4Frau Mit Stiehl 1:41
5In Mogadischu 1:24
6Das Finde Ich Gut 2:26
7Liebe Tut Weh 2:07
8Lesezirkel Melodie 2:18
9Ostblock Girl 2:25
10Tu Den Hammersprung 2:25
11Verbotene Früchte 2:55
12Wir Gehen In Den Zoo 3:00
13Was Kostet Die Welt 3:17
14Kleiner Polizist 2:29
15Ich Habe Migräne 1:54
16Mein Erster Freund 3:00
17Ein Kind Für Helmut 1:58

2019 Repress of one of the most outstanding records in the history of german avantpop/punk. Originally released 1981 on the legendary ZickZack label, the debut LP by Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle soon reached cult status and became one of the most important NDW / german postpunk releases ever. Active since today (and right now working on their 13th longplayer) F.S.K. were one of John Peel's all time favourites and actually did more Peel Sessions than any other band - besides The Fall, of course. Comes with extensive liner notes by NDW-historiograph Frank Apunkt Schneider (in german).