Houeida Hedfi
Fleuves De L'Ame
Phantasy Sound
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1Souffles Du Nil
2Namami Gange (Obeissance Au Gange) (feat Planningtorock) (feat Planningtorock)
3Envol Du Mekong
4Appel Du Danube (feat Planningtorock) (feat Planningtorock)
5Baisers Amers De L'Euphrate
6Les Cloches De Yamuna
7Echos De Medjerda (feat Olof Dreijer) (feat Olof Dreijer)
8Cheminement Du Tigre

Phantasy are proud to introduce the first reverberations of a new project from Tunisian multi-instrumentalist Houeida Hedfi, out now. Produced with Olof Dreijer of The Knife.

Originally a percussionist, Hedfi first met Dreijer when he visited Tunisia and produced her contribution to a 2011 compilation of female Tunisian artists. This kindled a nine-year collaboration which culminates in 'Fleuves de l'Âme', an elegant marriage of traditional folk music and contemporary sound design drawing references from Hedfi’s drumming expertise and the textures of Tunisian music alongside a startlingly broad array of global genres.

Each track is named for a different river, referencing both the safety found in the sound of water and the sinuous drama of each composition, which often starts peacefully, before evolving to encompass drama and tension, conflict and resolution.