Various Artists
Sky Walking
Sky Walking
Sky Walking 02 LP
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1Sergei Tcherepnin - queer_1
2Sollmann und Gürtler - gegen_die_zeit
3Nowerk - clarion
4Five Essex & Dan Fox - nose
5Sky Walking - fordite
6Konrad Sprenger - sustain
7Misanthrope CA - jungle_troops
8Keller G - empathy_stalk_and_sain
9Nika Son -drissk
10Gebrochene Beine - laecheln

New Label run by Peter Kersten aka Lawrence, Christian Naujoks and Richard von der Schulenburg (who play together in the band of the same name: Sky Walking). The label introduces itself Bb bringing together an international line-up of artists mostly associated with the new and experimental music scenes in cities like Hamburg, Berlin and New York. Sky Walking not only establishes a link between different locations and their specific (local) scenes - with the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg somehow functioning as a Bermuda triangle - but also between different generations of artists from these scenes.