Shokei / Falcon Five
Altin Village & Mine
AVM 031
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1Shokei – Reclining Seats, Receding Hairlines 3:40
2Falcon Five – Same Déjà Vu, Second Time 2:42

Trio turned quartet, Shokei from Bad Bocklet play artsy post-punk with plenty of percussion stuff thrown in there for good measure and are mainly still inspired by the likes of Shellac and Unwound. But imagine this time the diversity of Yeasayer paired with the intensity of old tyme bands like Rites of Spring and a straight four-to-the-floor beat that would have made Klaus Dinger proud and you are at least half-way there. The Falcon Five hail from Würzburg and kind of sound like The Wipers with Greg Sage on Prozac featuring one of the fiercest Telecaster slingers around, they deliver a pure riff-o-rama to be enjoyed also by fans of Les Savy Fav and the like. With their enthusiastic freshness, fiery groove, adrenaline–pumping funkyness, and catchy tunes, they have become a brand of their own.