Jonathan Fitoussi
Music for Xavier Veilhan
Transversales Disques
Includes Instant Download
7” (ltd.)
Ltd. to 300 copies, laser engraved drawing on side B
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1Rayons 3:11
2Silences 2:58

Jonathan Fitoussi is a French composer that explores an electronic music versed in futuristic tones that evokes the vision of the future as it was perceived in the 60s or 70s, mixed with the perception of a unique, utopic world, yet to be reached, yet to be build.

After his last album Plein Soleil on the label, he offers here a limited run of 300 copies for his new release, contained in a transparent sleeve with postcard.

"Rayons" illustrates Les Rayons (Sarus), 2016, a sculpture by Xavier Veilhan. "Silences" illustrates Music for Mutant Stage 8 (2017) a film by Xavier Veilhan with Marie-Agnès Gillot & Dimitri Chamblas. On B side, you'll find an laser engraved original drawing by Xavier Veilhan called "Volume".