Alain Goraguer
Rare Soundtracks & Lost Tapes
Transversales Disques
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1L’affaire Dominici 2:35
2Enquête 2:01
3Thème principal 2:50
4Procès 1:20
5Thème guitare 1:29
6Thème orchestre 2:35
7Générique 1:32
8Un homme traqué 2:16
9Au-delà de la peur 2:47
10Nostalgie d’un amour imaginaire 4:18
11Rêverie 3:58
12Recherche nostalgique 3:46

Transversales Disques presents Rare Soundtracks & Lost Tapes by Alain Goraguer. The French composer who first made a name for himself as a sideman and arranger for Serge Gainsbourg wrote very few soundtracks, but amongst them, the legendary La Planète Sauvage (1973) is an absolute staple of France’s essential music.

During that same period of time, Goraguer wrote two rare and beautiful scores using the same masterclass arrangements. On L’Affaire Dominici (1975), Alain Goraguer creates a theme of great melodic clarity from a palette of breathy flutes, clavinet D6 baroque textures, wah-wah guitars and slow-paced drums that clearly reminds La Planete Sauvage’s atmosphere. The same can be said about the score of Au delà de la peur (1975) with its descending clavinet melody, twanging bass riff, funky drums and flashes of bended electric guitars. This record also includes never before released tracks found in the vaults of French national radio: beautiful and timeless orchestral compositions recorded at Studio 105, Maison de la radio.