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1Do I Feel Alive? 2:35
2Nothing makes sense 2:54
3Crush 2:59
4tacut 3:55
5Inspiration Liberation 3:50
6Revelation 1:42
7Introspection of reality 2:52
8Radiant moment 3:34
9Sensational times 3:18
10Sensations 5:38

Having worked silently in her sonic philosophy for almost a decade, vocalist, music producer and Dj Telva has launched her music label byt’, starting with the publication of her debut album. The album, ‘Revelation’, opens with an unusual and experimental offering, which sets the tone for the label's subsequent eclectic and unexpected releases. The compilation of 10 tracks, has been documented for 5 years through an experimental vocal, instrumental sonic journey, that is composed of Telva's life experiences during this period.

Telva is a vocalist, producer and only-vinyl DJ based in Berlin. Defining her path through art in every sense of it by turning passion into a way of life, she has been playing and collecting records as main craft since 2016. Followed by uninterrupted hours in the studio, her creations and sonic philosophy, aka record label byt’, have been materialized by the wide range of influences she’s been absorbing along her way as an artist, where different cultures, scenes, and places have shaped and influenced her understanding and projection of her musical vision. Her love for the underground movement and the deep work in silence have made her music shows special and respected. For listeners and dancers, her well-chosen exposure is an unexpected experience. Her purpose is to offer quality music based on eclectic diversity, that surprises the audience with the love it spreads through sound, aiming to touch their hearts. ‘Music is a channel of transmission in where to materialize one’s lifetime vision’

Byt' (быть in Slavic meaning 'to be' / pronounced 'beat') is a music philosophy, also known as a record label, focusing on the connection between music and artist as a primary form of communication and source of expression. It represents 'the music of the being'. 
 The meaning and purpose are to comprehend the concept of musical interpretation through the artistic vision of the person behind it, by appreciating the significance of conveying a life experience through sound, making a recognition on what is behind the music we listen to. The label will be composed of solo releases, sonic cinematic experiences, collaborations and other archives, spanning an unlimited wide range of genres, yet rooted mainly in electronic music.