Sylvain Chauveau
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1Noir 1:17
2Des Plumes dans la tête 1:13
3Au Nombre Des Choses 5:42
4With The Orderly Life 6:21
5Le Brasier De Tristesse 3:32
6Anthracite 2:18
7Pour Les Oiseaux 1:15
8The Plot 1:07
9Blanche Comme L'infini 1:59
10Everything Will Be Fine 1:18
11Notre Etrangère 1:08
12Beast 1:17
13Strangers Forever 1:32
14Murmure 1:35
15Situation Finale 2:02
16Blanc (live)2:48
17For C. 1:43
18Dernière étape avant le silence II 2:04

Originally released on CD in 2012, 'Simple' is a collection of film scores & unreleased material. Active since the late ‘90s, Brussels-based Frenchman Sylvain Chauveau is an unsung pioneer of the Neo classical scene. Sylvain was making elegant post-classical compositions years ahead of the pack, getting there before much heralded current peers like Max Richter, Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds, Dustin O'Halloran, or Goldmund.