Penelope Trappes
Penelope One
Optimo Music
OM LP 11
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2Gravel Mouth
3Untitled 1
5The Hair Shirt
6Untitled 4
8Gold Universe
9Untitled 3
119 Monkey

In 2016. I rented out a small piano studio in East London for nearly the whole year and set out to write an introspective, trendless, and mostly beatless album. Inspired by albums from This Mortal Coil and Scott Walker, who also sought freedom to work outside of the expectations of their previous work, I limited the instrumentation to mostly an acoustic piano and effects, which left space to expose a lot of emotional vulnerabilities about myself and people close to me. Writing lullabies about being a mother in a dystopian world, with pensive words about swimming against the current as a female artist, I felt free enough to tell untold truths that I’ve never felt comfortable talking about within music. Free, liberated, empowered. naked.”