Damaged Bug
Bunker Funk
Castle Face
CF 087 LP / Includes Download Code
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1Structure Image Approach 0:26
2Bog Dash 3:09
3The Cryptologist 3:12
4Slay The Priest 2:50
5Ugly Gamma 3:24
6Rick's Jummy 3:20
7Gimme Tamanthum 3:03
8No One Notice The Fly 3:23
9Bunker Funk 2:51
10Mood Slime 3:20
11Liquid Desert 3:08
12Heavy Cathedral 0:00
13Unmanned Scanner 2:33
14The Night Shopper 4:24

Oh my, what is this? The alien globule of Damaged Bug’s errant planet has circled the sun and is re-entering our orbit where last year’s Cold Hot Plumbs left off. Urgent falsetto morbidities detail this most rhythmically adventurous offering yet: Bunker Funk — syncopating lush landscapes with moon-shot death rays.

Witness in horror the tractor beam pull of “Slay The Priest” — a breathless sprint through unfamiliar enemy territory — erratic laser beam synths dredge the lake, hard panned double drums resurrect dead heartbeats: load thy crossbow, friend, this night is long and we appear beset on all sides. The Bug is back and more hideous than ever — join us as we gawp at its iridescent shell, its alien mandibles… and the guts streaming from the wound.