The Cat's Miaow
Skipping Stones: The Cassette Years '92-'93
World of Echo
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1Make A Wish
2Hollow Inside
4Not Like I Was Doing Anything
6I Wanted None Of This
7Fire Damage
10It Might Never Happen
11Nothing’s Ever Quite That Simple
12Brighter Star
13The Phoebe I Know
14Little And Small
16Dust From A Memory
17A 50s Ballad
18A Few Words
19From My Window
20Third Floor Fire Escape View
21You Left A Note On The Table
22Short Sighted
23I Hate Myself More Than You Do
24Talking To Trees
26Saviour For The Hurrying Man
27Ferry No. 6
28Nothing New
29Climb My Stairs
31I Really Don’t Know
33Memphis ‘54
34Walk On By

The Cat’s Miaow return with their second compilation for the imprint, and the fourth in a loosely defined series of reissues associated with the group (also including The Shapiros’ »Gone By Fall: The Collected Works of The Shapiros« and Hydroplane’s »Selected Songs 1997-2003«).

It’s a smart selection of songs by one of Australia’s finest independent pop music groups, whose initial run, across the nineties, was as mysterious as it was bewitching. A generous double album featuring thirty-five songs drawn from The Cat’s Miaow’s history, »Skipping Stones« lets listeners in on a bunch more secrets. It's also a fascinating snapshot of one arm of the ‘international pop underground’. While they were clearly listening to music from the US, UK and elsewhere – there are glimpses of Galaxie 500, Spacemen 3, Beat Happening, and The Pastels in some of the songs here – The Cat’s Miaow also feel, consciously or not, part of a continuum of Australian underground pop that takes in The Particles, The Lighthouse Keepers, The Cannanes, The Honeys, Even As We Speak, and The Sugargliders (who they would cover several times). Like those before them, The Cat’s Miaow balanced opposing forces in their music: naivete and knowingness; fragility and strength; worldliness and world-weariness; play and seriousness; heartache and pleasure.