The Pop Group
Alien Blood
Mute Records
LP (ltd.)
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1Kiss The Book
2Blood Money
3Don't Call Me Pain (First mix)
4Words Disobey Me (Dennis The Menace mix)
5We Are Time (Ricochet)
6Thief Of Fire (Bass Addict)
7Savage Sea (Sparse)
8Boys From Brazil (Ridge Reels)
9Snowgirl (Take 3)
10Don't Sell Your Dreams (A mix)

The 10-track album Alien Blood is the result of The Pop Group revisiting the original 2” tapes of their studio sessions and recordings -same era as 'y'. This meticulous process has unearthed never-before-heard material, including the studio recording of ‘Kiss The Book’ and ‘We Are Time (Ricochet)’, described by The Pop Group guitarist Gareth Sager as the version “with the gloves off, all moves allowed, applied and approved”. The exploration of these studio sessions has brought to light the raw and skeletal elements that exist on Y album tracks. On ‘Words Disobey Me (Dennis The Menace Mix)’ the sheer force of the rhythm is revealed whilst ‘Thief of Fire (Bass Addict)’ exposes the track’s original velocity. Altogether Alien Blood reveals the life of Y before everything was finalised, exposing revelatory dimensions within these iconic works.