Sad Lovers & Giants
Total Sound
Spittle Records
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1Echoplay (radio Hilversum)
2Things We Never Did (radio Hilversum)
3Sleep (Is For Everyone) (radio Hilversum)
4A Landslide (radio Hilversum)
5Cowboys (radio Hilversum)
6Man Of Straw (radio Hilversum)
7Imagination (radio Hilversum)

One of the most respected British bands in the mid 80's post punk era, Sad Lovers & Giants played highly atmospheric music made of melancholic melodies and epic guitar riffs. Originally recorded for a radio broadcast in Holland in 1983 in front of a very selected audience (10 in all) »Total Sound« represents a great snapshot of SLAG live on stage. Here, the band delivers an outstanding performance based on a fine selection of songs from their first two now classic albums. Recordings caught just before the split.