Molto Crudo
Never Sleep
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1Dark Millenium Dj Tool 4:57
2Video Green Rusty Knife mix 3:08
3Bad Vein 3:57
4Ums303 4:28
5Bsix 2:45
6Untitledex4 2:56

Gabber Eleganza launches his label Never Sleep with Multo Crudo by London via Brazil & Russia producer Lizzitksy. The label is “an organic step after seeing the original Gabber Eleganza archival project grow into a multi-platform endeavour”, with a remit to showcase new and old artists that symbolise not just rave and post-rave culture, but a wider DIY aesthetic.

Lizzitksy’s debut release draws from a disorientating suite of tropes - blasts of harsh noise, hollowed out sub-loaded kick drum barrages, digitised 90’s Italian Trance melodies, sped up reggaeton snare rushes & post-hard core vocal manipulation. Despite the range of elements in play, there is still a clear aesthetic red thread present - the rhythmic building blocks of the various genres referenced are sliced, distorted and re-arranged but never to such an extent that their dance-floor rending capabilities are compromised, whilst occasional flashes of melody and feedback laden shrieks help unravel each track.