Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement
Venus Flytrap Exotica
Editions Gravats
bottle green vinyl inside PVC sleeve, ltd. to 400 copies
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1Bridgetown Dub 4:06
2Price To Pay 3:40

Lights-out dancehall voodoo from Dominick Fernow (Prurient) and Low Jack as Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, following up ‘Red Ants Genesis’ with a potent new 7” - the 1st RSE release outside of Hospital Productions!

After stumping one of 2018’s biggest surprises with their dread-filled collaboration, ‘Red Ants Genesis’, Dominick Fernow and Phillippe Hallais (Low Jack) come to bury the dance in two parts with ‘Venus Flytrap Exotica’.

On the A-side’s noxiously swampy ‘Bridgetown Dub’ they underline mesmerising chants and skeletal drums with enormously powerful electro-dub subs - brought to life in-the-mix by Paul Corley - while lightning and thunder threaten collapsing skies.

The B-side ‘Price To Pay’ follows in bassy suit, but almost shorn of drums and licked with currents of tropical warm air chords.

Powerful spells, strongly recommend to fans of Demdike Stare, Equiknoxx, Shackleton, Burial.