André Uhl
Relax and Implode
Martin Hossbach
LP (color)
White-marbled vinyl
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1I Care About You, Just Not Right Now 2:16
2Maximum Success 1:54
3Dead End 1:22
4You Can't See 2:03
5Amnesia 1:52
6New Oil 2:01
7Return to Lake Lupo 1:28
8Sleeper 2:09
9Sticky Path 2:22
10Exit The Scene 1:18
11Are You With Me 2:09

Retro future past explorer. Ultraromance, hazy desire, a whiff of nostalgia. Excitement, confusion, and disenchantment. Internalization leads to alienation. And the cognition that everything can turn into a straight up joke after a while. So »relax and implode«…

The second full-length album of Berlin musician and futurologist André Uhl invites the listener to a sonic adventure with high emotional impact. Eleven songs are carefully crafted like sculptures in a swampy landscape. Warm, gritty, and viscid, the unique sound aesthetic leads the path through the dusty twilight, breathing down your neck, providing comfort and disturbance at the same time.

The sound material was recorded in a church during André’s two months long artist residency in a monastery in Alsace, France, where a specific set of microphones was used to capture the unique reverb of the nave. Additional material was recorded in Philadelphia, New York and in André’s Berlin studio.

Field recordings play a central role in the album, defining the mood and building the rhythmic foundation for all the compositions. Other elements were produced with a wide range of different analog and digital instruments. A powerful lead of a Roland Jupiter 6, the warm organ of a Moog Opus 3, the quirkiness of a circuit-bent Casio PT10 – or the clicking of an electricity meter in an apartment.