Marc Barreca
From The Gray And The Green
Palace Of Lights
Incl. 8 page booklet, 3 digital bonus tracks
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1Voorish Dome
2A Mist of Forgetfulness
3The Point of Arches
5The Gray Mounds
7Across the Dalles
8Bone Lake
9Gobbler's Knob
10The Demise of Big Tree
11Skookum Falls
12Nancy's Morning Scone
14Olive on the Fence

Moving in the directions that originated with the Environments recordings and evolved to become extended pieces like Klaus Schulze’s Gewitter, Robert Henke’s Studies For Thunder, Brian Eno’s On Land and Steve Peter’s Here-ings, the music of From The Gray And The Green finds its origins in landscapes. This time, landscapes that Marc Barreca knows as his home—the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. These eleven pieces and three digital-only bonus tracks are sculpted from layers of synthesized and sampled instruments, field recordings and processed vinyl. Barreca tells us that “My goal was to create immersive, evolving landscapes shaped by a dynamic past and viewed as if through the translucence of passing clouds.” From The Gray And The Green offers a music of contrasts and change, departing from traditional ideas of ambient to arrive in shifting landscapes of the strange and the beautiful. Includes an eight-page booklet and download card for the complete album and three bonus tracks. Mastered by James Savage.

Marc Barreca has been creating and performing electronic music since the mid-1970s. His 1980 album, Twilight, reissued on vinyl in 2016, was one of the earliest releases on Palace Of Lights. From The Gray And The Green is his ninth solo album for the label. Recent releases include Shadow Aesthetics (2018) and three collaborations with K. Leimer. Reissues include work on the acclaimed VOD box set American Cassette Culture, the Cherry Red compilation of seminal U.S. electronic music and the 1983 cassette, Music Works For Industry, now on vinyl. His work is also included in the collection of The British Library.