Jean-Marie Mercimek
La Flourenn En Mars
Aguirre Records
Edition of 250 copies, incl. insert
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1La Flourenn En Mars I 20:01
2La Flourenn En Mars II 19:55

Wonderful lo-fi synthpop / collage LP by Marseillaise duo Jean-Marie Mercimek: Something has been brewing in France in recent years. Underground record shops, small venues, micro labels and young musicians are creating a new vibe in various parts of the country. A broad range of styles & genres get randomly mixed into a melting pot with refreshing results.

Jean Marie-Mercimek is one of those projects coming out of this new scene. The duo of Marion Molle and Ronan Riou revisits french lo-fi synth pop in a fairytale-like way, utilising their collection of rare automatic casio keyboards, frequency modulation chanson and tape collages towards a multilayered comic book journey in form of a concert. As if there was an animated wax brush painted cartoon version of Elli & Jacno!