Robin Saville
Public Flowers
Abstrakce Records
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Edition of 40 copies
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1Bryophyte Society Annual Picnic 8:56
2A Brief Message From Our Ancestors 2:24
3In Konik Mokkin 5:21
4The Long Walk From Sallowes Church 10:29
5Hilary And Dave's Piano #1 1:48
6Nutmeg Saba Cinnamon 4:19
7Hilary And Dave's Piano #2 2:23
8All Who Are Not On The Rock Are In The Sea 8:25
9A Fail All Girl 5:44
10A Fail All Girl (Loscil Remix)4:39

A precious mixture of ambient music, field recordings, loops, dreamy sounds, emotional arrangements and minimalistic vibes with a pop sensitivity. Repetition and constant change, echoing the organic experimentation of the likes of American minimalist composer Steve Reich, the evocative soundtracks of Piero Milesi and the experimental/ambient work of Cluster. The title of the album is a quote from Edwardian children's book, 'The Story Of The Amulet,' by Edith Nesbit, makes reference to a utopian society based on equality and respect for the natural world - Saville's music would seem to be the perfect soundtrack for this imagined world.

All tracks composed, performed, and produced by Robin Saville except Nutmeg Saba Cinnamon which contains a significant chunk of The Girl With The Orange Umbrella by Katie English and Keiron Phelan. Mastered at RedRedPaw by Antony Ryan.

Edition of 40 copies. Originally released by Second Language in 2013.