Buck Moon
Between The Tides
Otomatik Muziek
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1Beak 3:53
2Seashore 2:52
3Singing Saw 10:22
4Tide 4:19
5Tongue Whistle 8:50

BUCK MOON is the duo of Julius Ménard and Julian Flemming, who, in their other lives, operate two of Germany‘s most prolific experimental tape labels, Grisaille (Julius) and Econore (Julian). As Buck Moon, they turn their attention more inwards, playing a soft, meandering form of ambient guitar music heavily influenced by the turn of the century free psychedelic scene.

The first time these songs were heard, back then yet unnamed, it was a cold winter night. Giant snowflakes amassed, bringing the world to a halt. While walking through the snow, the song „Tongue Whistle“ sounded as if it came directly from the sky. An orchestrated attempt of the united convocation of ice crystals.

Now, nearly 6 months later and frying on an urban heat island, „Between The Tides“ has lost nothing of its original appeal, and it‘s totally apt Julius and Julian decided to gave their recordings an environmental theme, because this set of songs creates an environment of its own. The level of intimacy of their collaboration is tangible - just listen to „Seashore“, which kind of feels like hiding under a soft blanket, watching the light play, listening to the crackling of the fabric wrapped around you.

The quiet, simple, yet intricate melodies filter their way into your ears, as if they have been there since forever. The sounds they extract from their instrumentation of singing bowls, bowed guitars, ethereal vocals, reversed guitar loops are like field recordings of the mind - abstract, but strongly relatable, they trigger a sort of universal memory, a strong presence of the things absent.