Live in N.Y.C.
CITI 023
160 gram clear red vinyl, glossy sleeve
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1Untitled I
2We Said No (Alt Version)
4Untitled II
5Careless Pedestrian

Cititrax presents rare live recordings from Birmingham techno legend Regis. The 12" EP features recently uncovered recordings of Regis playing live in New York City on January 4th, 1997 at the famed New York Film Academy. Original tapes discovered by Evan Kreeger, studio work / transfers done by James Ruskin in London and audio mastered by Veronica Vasicka in New York. The EP will be pressed on 160 gram clear red vinyl and housed in a gloss sleeve, featuring text by Evan Kreeger. An excerpt is below:

"Gymnastics broke techno - first time performed! Regis has recreated this show for you - from the tapes in storage Over twenty years later - You’re welcome! You are born! Now you can say you were there - rather than Skavoovee chore Damage and flame was our desire for this fight Two fans rebuffed tossed cinderblocks thru the front doors that night Locking up the Film Academy was only pageantry and a lie Nothing secure anymore - just crouch down - on your knees - crawl inside"