Nick Klein
Actor-Network Theory
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LP (color)
Edition of 300 copies, white vinyl
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1Choking On Ice 4:45
2Tail Eating 7:33
3Pear Brandy 2:49
4Every Move For The Monitor 8:06
5Spider In Brown Powder 11:59

Nick Klein delivers his final album recorded in the USA and his first for Joachim Nordwall’s iDEAL, marking the start of a close working relationship with the totemic Swedish institute.

‘Actor-Network Theory’ is a puckered kiss-off to NYC, delivered in the manner of Nick Klein’s volley of slow bangers for the likes of L.I.E.S., Alter, and Ascetic House since 2013. In five parts he drills into out a signature style of sourest synths and machine rhythms that revel in the thrill of grinding dissociation, seething with a seat-edge tension that sets Klein’s sound out from the crowd with its jolts of rawest electronic expression and bruxist bite.

The thrumming velocity that took Klein up to 2018 feels tempered and chiselled into some of his deadliest, most unyielding work here. Punctuating his time spent in NYC, before starting a new chapter in the Netherlands, the tracks betray a palpably pensive nerviness to his typically bullish styles in a way that has begun to bleed into his most recent releases on Psychic Liberation and Viewlexx.

Pummelled groover ‘Tail Eating’ and the fierce traction of ‘Every Move Move For The Monitor’ are countered with keening choral voices and serotonin-depleted strings of opener ‘Choking On Ice’, while the sparing strokes of ‘Pear Brandy’ casts a long shadow of midnight blooz guitar, and bony flutes creep over the stygian flow of ’Spider In Brown Powder’ in a salty balance of his patented, dissociative dryness with more esoteric, emotive urges.