MR TC & Lo Kindre
Phase Group
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1The Watching Eyes
2The Knees
3The Contaminant
4The Sink

“It’s not easy to transform a jam into a proper tune that haunts forever. The two Glaswegian friends MR TC and Lo Kindre are in possession of that special skill that can transform spontaneous tuned-in music into something significant without losing the gut feeling along the way.

As solo artists they have released on labels like Optimo Music, 12th Isle and Against Fascism Trax, and together released 'The Storm EP' in late 2018 on Vienna's Neubau. Now they continue their collaborative work on PHASE001 – an EP that also marks the launch of their own label that listens to the same name. The start-up brings four analogue tracks that courageously link cold waving synth-shocks, neon-light nonchalance and haunted spoken words; deep hypnotic musical witchcraft that peels itself out of the history of dark electronic music with a pulsating and haunting atmosphere.”