S.E. Rogie
The Sounds of S.E. Rogie
Mississippi Records
2023 repress
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1Twist With The Morningstars
2PLease Go Easy With Me
3Do Me Justice
4I Wish I Was A Cowboy
5She Caught Me Red Hot
6A Time In My Life
7My Lovely Elizzabeth
8Advice To Schoolgirls
9Baby Lef Marah
10Nyalima Nyapoi
11Easy baby
12Man Stupid Being

From the West African country of Sierra Leone, S.E. Rogie was a “palm wine" guitarist extraordinaire. With his guitar and smooth baritone voice, an early monophonic tape recorder, and a few pick up musicians, he produced a string of hit records which sold through Africa and Europe. Backing Rogie at the recording sessions was an ever changing band of followers playing combinations of maracas, claves, congas, and an empty box which was struck like a bass drum. These recordings from 1960-69 are the sounds of the soul in an era when Africans were breaking the chains of colonialism. They are the sounds of palm wine guitar music as it left the bars and burst forth on radio and record. They are lost sounds that have been found again and the world of music is the better for it.