Myriam Gendron
Thrill Jockey
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1There Is No East Or West 5:03
2Long Way Home 4:03
3Terres brûlées 6:14
4Dorothy's Blues 2:38
5La Luz 2:50
6La belle Françoise (pour Sylvie) 6:46
7Lully Lullay 4:28
8Look Down That Lonesome Road 4:12
9Quand j'étais jeune et belle 2:39
10Berceuse 4:04

»Mayday« is the third LP by Montreal-based artist, Myriam Gendron. It follows her earlier, critically acclaimed albums, »Not So Deep As A Well« (2014) and »Ma délire – Songs of love, lost & found« (2021). Myriam began exploring the complex folk traditions of Quebec (and beyond), with »Ma délire,« which combines traditional and original songs with arrangements that make space for avant-garde musical interludes by such folks as guitarist Bill Nace (Body/ Head) and renowned jazz percussionist Chris Corsano.

»Mayday« presents an even more syncretic fusion of the elements Myriam uses to create her sound. Most of the songs are original, sung in both English and French, and they blend traditional and avant elements with abandon. She is often accompanied on this album by the guitarist Marisa Anderson and drummer Jim White (Dirty Three, Xylouris White), whose work provides a quietly aggressive sort of free-rock base. Additional players include Montreal bassist Cédric Dind-Lavoie, Bill Nace and saxophonist Zoh Amba. »Mayday« is a thoroughly thrilling effort that manages to create new vistas of sound while maintaining a feel that is both intimate and familiar. The music here certainly possesses a richly serious tone, but Myriam Gendron (like Leonard Cohen) is able to infuse her darkness with a subtle, powerful light that reminds us that even the most pitch-black night is but a transitional state. Beautiful work.

»Mayday« is a co-release between Thrill Jockey and Feeding Tube Records.