Populous With Short Stories
Drawn In Basic
Morr Music
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morr 083-cd
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1Test Your Dreams 1:26
2Only Hope 2:13
3Days 1:54
4Porcelain 3:20
5Royal Gold 2:03
6Steve 1:10
7The Holy See 3:06
8Younger 1:41
9Man Overboard 4:25
10Raimondo 1:03
11Faithful 2:24
12Bear Arms 2:15
13Destinies 1:24
14Breathes The Best (Album Version)2:16
15Shipwreck 1:37
16Heaven Knows 5:12

The affair with the opportunities. The coming of age in post- and pop modernity. Andrea Mangia could tell you a track or two about that. Currently on "Drawn in Basic", the third album - released by Morr Music once again - that the young man from Lecce, Italy, has published under the name of Populous. Whereas "Queue for Love" (2005) curiously broadened the abstract-electronic foundations of his debut "Quipo" (2002) with the coordinates jazz, folk and especially soul (as an attitude as well as a sound) "Drawn in Basic" definitely has become ears in any directions. This record sails in a casual and cool manner on the great lake called pop music. Andrea Mangia is both at the same time: captain and stowaway, songwriter and sound-bricoleur. His tracks are tricky and polyphonic but seconds later four to the floor. That's the way of someone who has listened intensely for a long time himself. Someone to whom De La Soul has meant as much as the Smashing Pumpkins's "Siamese Dream". Someone who has fallen in love with the feedbacking guitars of My Bloody Valentine equally as he feels today about the peculiar sounds of the synthesizer's pioneer Raymond Scott. Peculiar synthesizers are assembled on "Drawn in Basic" as well, not as a cool end in itself but for their warm sounds. Just the title: "Drawn in Basic". Basic like the programming language of the same name, the translation of analogue pop music into a digital matrix. Basic like the self-chosen simplicity, the reduction to the essential thing, this self-confidence. "Man overboard" is a shoegazing melody, a hit on the fast lane, between indiepop and disco. "Only Hope" equally is such a charming hybrid of digital sounds and an analogue soul. "Days" piles up its walls of sound higher and higher. Finally, "Breathest the best" stays last year's sparkling event: it was released already as a vinyl single on anost, the little sister of Morr Music, in 2007. The melancholy to gloomy lyrics and their even brighter intonation stem from MC Short Stories once again, also known as Michael McGuire.