The Detroit Escalator Co.
Soundtrack [313]
Musique Pour La Danse
180g vinyl
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1Gratiot 4:18
2Faith as Rain 4:25
3Psalm 7:23
4Fate as a Chasm 5:39
5Stitch 3:16
6The Inverted Man Dreaming 2:50
7Abstract Forward Movement 3:41
8Force 8:55
9The Inverted Man Falling 3:49
10Tai Chi and Traffic Lights 4:48
11Gathering Memory 5:48
12DELTA 3:41
13Shifting Gears 8:05
14Orange 5:32

Sublime and perfectly produced cutting-edge ambient techno masterpiece made in 1996 by unsung Detroit hero Neil Ollivierra, an album as underrated as it is essential.

25 years after its original release on UK label Ferox Records, »Soundtrack [313]« still provides a deeply futuristic aesthetic experience, warm and emotional electronics, along with glistening melody lines that create a peaceful, relaxed environment. This album possesses a formidable aptitude to always instill its listeners with a life-affirming feeling of serenity.

A true timeless and unique classic that exists within its own genre and which still pushes the envelope of electronic music that transcends the club experience. This expanded release includes 4 bonus tracks, a liner note by the artist, and valuable photographic footage from his personal archives.

This reissue has been mastered from original files by Sidney Claire Meyer at Emil Berliner (former Deutsche Grammophon studios in Berlin), using the half speed mastering process.

RIYL Detroit Techno, Global Communications, Black Dog, Manuel Goettsching, Tangerine Dream, Susumu Yokota