Altin Village & Mine
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AVM 050 BK
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1Brr 0:17
2I Should 0:55
3My Cue 1:17
4Gots An 0:57
5I Think 1:25
6Top & 1:22
7Thought Above 1:06
8I Would 1:38
9Pink Scar 1:29
10Pink Brain 1:18
11Piece Fitting 0:54

Brr is a collaboration between Ryan Dodgson and Moshe Rozenberg. In this, their first collaboration, they present ten conversations using three mediums interdependently. The dialogue that takes place between these mediums creates an animate, immersive environment and fragments the viewer / listner's association between the inseparable text, sound and image. This limited artist's multiple comes to you in the form of a book-and-record set. It includes:

  • One Cover (laid charcoal paper, front and back foil stamped metallized blue)
  • Two Endpapers (bristol blue paper with custom record-pocket die cut)
  • Thirty Two Interior Pages (pink and blue risograph on smooth parchment paper)
  • One Seven Inch Record
  • One Free Digital Download Card This edition, limited to 350 copies worldwide is published conjointly by Altin Village & Mine Records (Europe) and Itchy Roof (USA / Canada). It is celebrated as a 50th release milestone for the Altin Village & Mine Imprint as well as the longterm friendship between Moshe Rozenberg and the german based record label. Born in Hong Kong in 1984, Ryan Dodgson is an artist and award winning illustrator currently based in Toronto, Canada. His work has appeared in such publications as McSweeney's, The Believer, Grantland, Cmagazine and the New York Times. His art most often takes the form of books and other combustibles. Moshe Rozenberg devotes most of his time to playing drums, synthesizer, omnichord & various electronics in the band Absolutely Free. He is best known for his years in now defunct outfit, DD/MM/YYYY. Rozenberg has taken part in performances with Man Forever, a loosely improvised concept which has included the likes of Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Kid Millions (Oneida, People of the North) and Doug MacGregor (Constantines). He is also a member of ONNO, a studio experiment and occasional live band whose membership includes several members of the hardcore outfit Fucked Up.