Various Artists
Copernicus was my Grandad, Kepler was my Uncle
Sleeve in different color variants: red, yellow or green.
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1Richard Leake – An Empty Vessel
2Alien Planetscapes – Neptune III (Extract)
3Barry Christian – Tellurian Rhythms Nos 2, 3 & 4 (Excerpt)
4Randy Greif – Example 25
5Giorgio Cantoni – Invocazione Dell'Oblio
6Andrea Desidera – Lenortape Side B (Excerpt)
7H G Wells – Dream Of Armageddon
8Antikue – A Star
9Bene Gesserit & Usward – Intelligent Life

The first release on EN.KI.DU.NU (a new project from the mysterious Light Sounds Dark crew), entitled 'Copernicus was my Grandad, Kepler was my Uncle' is a mystical journey to the outer reaches of space and back again, who knows what we'll find during our first mission, but you can be sure there shall be some curiosities along the way.