Various Artists
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1Kimina – Aliamka 3:00
2KMRU – I had the impression 5:41
3Barno – Calm, Chaos 5:49
4Manch!ld – Escape from Nyawawa 3:09
5Budalagi – Mura 3:13
6Ngat Maler – Nam Lolwe 3:09
7Nyokabi Kariũki – Anjiru 2:24
8Nabalayo – Mtwapa Siren 4:03
9Avom – Waza 2:48
10M³ – I Choose Violence 2:05
11Munyasya – Borrowed Cadences 2:37
12Snse – Ng'eetich 2:24
13MR. LU* – Kaa Tukachome 1:27
14Rushab Nandha – Sunset Over Vienna 2:41

In Kenyan cultural communities’ musical performance has always been linked with a long chain of related events and ideas. Music was often used to illuminate a specific topic and its implications to society. Through this method of explanation, musicians were able to reveal several underlying social concepts that determined people’s behaviour towards each other and the community.

This common recurring theme was seen mostly in ceremonies. African musical productions are abstract configurations that demonstrate a common fundamental creative principle of mediating the physical and metaphysical worlds. INSHA is centered on time and the evolution/relationship of these cultural-creative influences. The compilation inquires aspects of traditional cultures, physical or metaphysical from communities in Kenya, and act as inspirations and sonic paraphernalia. INSHA serves as a bridge between the past and future music creators on a more fundamental level than usual record keeping.

Cover Art: Blinky Bill
Layout/ Design: Manch!ld
Mastering: blackknoll studios
NAUG team: Mbogua, KMRU, Manch!ld, and MR. LU*