C. Blumberg
South from the Future
Edições CN
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2nd run, risograph j-card, 100 copies
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1Murmansk 3:57
2神奇森林上海 2:05
3Like when Chrysler made that one car that looked just like the Bentley I always saw you for what you could have been 10:29
4Parang / Lav 5:49
5SEA LIFE 0:48
6Speculative Browsing 6:24
7Ton 1:33

The debut album by C. Blumberg (living in Berlin, DE) is a series of composite images. Anecdotes with distorted perspectives. Documents or maps - impressions...? However if you look a bit closer you see something very different, quite like a technologic fantasy.

The second track, '神奇森林上海' (tr. Shanghai Magical Forest), holds a certain key to enter the psyche of the album. Here Blumberg is inspired by a photo found on Flickr. The author of the photo gave it a made-up name, c.q. a theme park that doesn’t exists. But in the canon of the Internet this place was misunderstood to be an actual real place. Resulting in bewildering daytrips and unfulfilling online voyages to find the apt information about this amusement park. It became a glitch. The attentive listener hears a similar fabrication in the sounds. And is witness to: the simple creation of a truth.

Contrasting with 'Murmansk', the opening track. This track grants its name from something we should not see. Think about demarcation lines where none can go. I see a certain relationship between this release and the Berko album we produced two years ago. However where Andras Fox, as Berko, wanted to pay homage to YouTube bloopers and animal-attack videos – threating these as a mirror of society – C. Blumberg changes the gaze.

Blumberg hints at the Internet of Things. Resulting in a gloomy album, infused with enough humor and affection to enjoy. And with enough hidden meanings for the listener to explore ...

“The Drake-YouTube Piano Tutorial combined with the chords of a Schubert Impromptu in 'Like when Chrysler...' (...) The sound of driving a mountain road in a YouTube video, while someone is reading of Kenneth Goldsmith’s ‚Wasting Time on The Internet‘ (also if it’s edited you won’t understand it or identify it anymore).”