Matana Roberts
Coin Coin Chapter Five: In The Garden...
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1We Said
2Different Rings
4Predestined Confessions
5How Prophetic
6A Caged Dance
7I Have Long Been Fascinated
8Enthralled Not By Her Curious Blend
9No Way Chastened
10But I Never Heard A Sound So Long
11The Promise
12Shake My Bones
13A(Way) Is Not An Option
14For They Do Not Know
15Others Each
16Ain't I Your Mystery Is Our History

The latest instalment in composer, improviser, saxophonist, and visual artist Matana Roberts’ visionary project exploring African-American history through ancestry, archive and place. Weaving together elements of jazz, avant-garde composition, folk and spoken word, Roberts tells the story of a woman in their ancestral line, who died following complications from an illegal abortion. At a time when reproductive rights are under attack, her story takes on new resonance. “I wanted to talk about this issue, but in a way where she gets some sense of liberation,” Roberts explains. By unpacking family stories and conducting extensive research in US public archives, Roberts has created a rounded portrait of a woman who is, as their lyrics put it, “electric, alive, spirited, fire and free.”

Each part of Coin Coin explores radically different musical settings, from the free jazz and post-rock eruptions of Chapter One to the solo noise collage of Chapter Three.