Volksbühne Berlin 241014
Pre-Cert Home Entertainment
Ltd. to 200 copies, housed in bespoke packaging hand assembled by Votel & Canty.
Incl. VAT plus shipping / Orders from outside the EU are exempt from VAT

The first Neotantrik release in five years sees Suzanne Ciani, Andy Votel & Sean Canty group their esoteric energies into an incredible recording made by the trio at the Volksbühne, Berlin in 2014.

Pooling a vast knowledge of 2nd class sound and classic synths, they yield a typically amorphous arrangement of sawn-off, effected samples from records you’ll never find, combined with original electrical input, and mixed into mazy chicanes and ‘marish ginnels of impending doom that never comes to fruition but leaves listeners at the edge of their seats.

The sublime, dark tension of their sound arises from a heightened intuition and democracy of role, with each component selected for its otherworldliness and placed in-the-mix in a manner that creates a chronically disorienting shadowplay of sounds that make their presence felt in the most intangible yet intoxicating manner.

It feels as though we’ve been wandering the tape’s corridors for a whole sleep, ostensibly hunting for a light switch or door handle in the murk, but happy to be pulled into its ambiguous dream/nightmare logic.