Clara Rockmore
Fantôme Phonographique
Edition of 500 copies
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1Vocalise 3:50
2Song of Grusia 4:20
3The Swan 3:03
4Pantomime 3:49
5Hebrew Melody 5:29
6Romance 4:49
7Berceuse 3:10
8Piece en forme de Habanera 2:46
9Berceuse 4:17
10Valse sentimentale 2:11
11Sérénade mélancolique 7:44
12Chant du ménestrel 4:03

Lithuanian-born violin prodigy Clara Rockmore became the best-known master of the electronic theremin after emigrating to the USA, her uncommon approach enabling its integration in the classical milieu even as she refined its construction. This landmark debut surfaced in 1977, when she was already 66; produced by synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog and featuring her sister Nadia on accompanying piano, Theremin (aka The Art Of The Theremin) showed all the majesty and grace of Rockmore’s approach to the theremin, her classical grounding and virtuosity enabling an emotive response from the instrument, with uncommon nuances of pitch, tone, and cadence. This one-off masterpiece is a musical gem ripe for rediscovery, a must for all fans of the theremin and anyone interested in the nexus of the classical and electronic forms.