KiCk i
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1Nonbinary 2:20
2Time 2:46
3Mequetrefe 2:21
4Riquiqui 2:40
5Calor 3:33
6Afterwards 4:03
7Watch 2:29
8KLK 3:48
9Rip the Slit 2:55
10La Chiqui 2:48
11Machote 2:52
12No Queda Nada 5:38

"A subversive and mischievous fusion of aural fireworks and psychedelic lyricism aided by Björk, Shygirl, Rosalía and Sophie. (...) Alejandra Ghersi has fallen in love and simultaneously found confidence from affirming her non-binary identity. If her previous album evoked a melancholy sci-fi opera set on a drifting space station, KiCk i is a live-streamed party, finding Ghersi at her most unrestrained, mischievous and joyful. It’s an album with a liquid heart, Arca shapeshifting through a look book of sonic identities. " (The Guardian)

"Arca’s music has always incorporated various kinds of glitches, conceptual as much as technological, making electronic ruptures and spasms into her signature sound. Perhaps the same suspicion that meaning is never fixed or certain helps to explain Ghersi’s treatment of voices throughout, as they flicker like radio static, failing to communicate. That will be disappointing for those who were expecting a star-studded pop-crossover album on a par with her guests’ best work. Still, compared to the rest of Arca’s catalogue—including the forbidding twists and turns of @@@@@, the hour-long mixtape from earlier this year—KiCk i marks not only a giant leap towards a bigger audience, but one taken on her own terms." (Pitchfork)