R. Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner
Make It Be
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1I Hate People 3:52
2Another Day Slips Away 4:30
3I Love Us, We Love Me 3:53
4Theme From A Scene 1:40
5Strictly Prohibited 0:32
6Stamps 2:35
7She's Going Out 4:07
8Guitar Interplay 1 1:31
9Sincero Amore 3:21
10Don't You Just Know It 3:43
11If You See Kay 3:51
12Guitar Interplay 4 2:46
13That's Fine, What Time 4:04
14Play Myself Some Music 3:41
15Passed Away Today 5:41
16Album Drop 1:15
17I Am The Best For You 4:49
18The Falkner Walk 0:57

R. Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner are both brilliant solo artists but, as Make It Be loudly announces, their voices, performances, and arrangements make for a match made in heaven that's been realised here on earth. What happens when R. Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner get together to record, arrange, and mix R. Stevie's songs? We get to hear an audacious realization of the tracks full potential in an epic collaboration no one saw coming.

Moore and Falkner burst through your door with "I H8 Ppl" and take you on a journey through rock, pop, and experimental textures. Anchors such as "Play My Self Some Music" and "Sincero Amore," keep the effort focused, while guitar-only interludes and spoken word pieces push boundaries.

Before they met up, both artists had long and storied careers, but their paths to cult status take completely opposite routes. Moore is widely considered to be the godfather of the DIY recording aesthetic. Dubbed a “lo-fi legend” by the New York Times, he started his career in the late 60’s, gaining widespread underground recognition during the 70’s punk explosion. Anticipating the viral internet era, Moore made innumerable cheap but brilliant videos. Luckily, many of them eventually found their way to YouTube where a whole new generation of fans discovered his work including the likes of MGMT, Mac DeMarco, The Vaccines and collaborator Ariel Pink.

Falkner was involved in various major label deals as a group member and solo artist. He started with Paisley Underground pioneers The Three O Clock, joined supergroups Jellyfish with Andy Sturmer and Roger Manning, and the Grays with Jon Brion, finally scoring a solo deal with Elektra. He’s gone on to release numerous solo records and has worked with a wide range of artists, including Beck, Air, Brendan Benson and Paul McCartney.

Recorded by Jason Falkner at his Rhetoric Studio in Hollywood with the majority of songs composed by Moore, with one by Falkner, one co-written by the pair, one co-written by Roger Ferguson. There's a wonderful rendition of Huey Smith & The Clowns "Don't You Just Know It."