Various Artists
Acceptance (Part 2)
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1Theodore Cale Schafer – Slacker 3:30
2Jacob Calland – Nocturne For Early Mornings 7:18
3Tom James Scott – Deep Green Follows Down 2:15
4Virginia Aveline – I Keep Inviting Death Into My Life, And It Never Comes 7:22
5Dalila Delarosa – The Changes 5:16

The 'Stages of Grief' series made up one of the inaugural releases on the newly launched Vaknar label, back in 2018.

3 years later, the series comes to an end via its third and final iteration, ‘Acceptance’, which is presented via 2 parts, containing compositions by both, old and new label affiliates and friends.

As the curtains draw on one stage, a new light might be shining somewhere else, and we are reminded that with every ending, there is always a beginning. Thus, hopefully this final segment will let us review these arduous and tumultuous previous months through a forward seeking gaze, accepting the weight of the past, while embracing the virtues of tomorrow.

This is part two of ‘Acceptance’.