Oren Ambarchi, Crys Cole & Leif Elggren
Ambarchi, Cole, Elggren
Ultra Eczema
Edition of 300 copies, incl. insert
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1Ambarchi, Cole, Elggren - A
2Ambarchi, Cole, Elggren - B

Pillars of the avant-garde, Oren Ambarchi, crys cole, and Leif Elggren captivatingly do very little on this barely-there, Ur-primitivist session for Antwerp, Belgium’s Ultra Eczema portal.

Vague in the extreme, this self-titled side documents their meeting at Stockholm’s legendary EMS Studios in July 2016. With nobody else about at the time, a strong arctic wind apparently blew open the windows onto Stockholm’s “mean streets”, and they made the best of a bad situation: “Ambarchi burned the studio carpet to stay warm; cole made a tower of stones to hide behind; and Elggren, with ice-cold resolve, tried using a microphone to connect with his fellow Elgaland-Vargaland citizens but to no avail.”

That tale may be true or not, but the recorded results would certainly verify that tableau to listeners with an active imagination. For us mystic-cynics, the results sound more like the trio are enacting a remake of scenes from Eraserhead in miniature, using close-mic’d breaths, wordless gibber, scrunched paper and the sound of EMS’s machines humming at rest to suggest a spectral dramaturgy that could be taken any one of a million ways, according to what happens on each listener’s internal silver screen.